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MEDCLICK annual high tea & light dinner.

Date : 25th July 2011
Time : 5pm
Venue : Rooftop of Dedi's & Azimah's Imarah

* Chicken Rice + BBQ
* Kueh (3-4 types)
* Cakes
* Cold Beverages
* Coleslaw
* Mashed Potatoe
* Potluck

4.45 pm : Arrival, Registration and Voting Session 
5.30 pm : Ceremony Begins

- Leader's Speech
- Chicken Soup for The Soul Slot
- Prize Giving Ceremony
- Quizes with many prizes awaiting
- Announcing of the Awards result
- Photography Session

6.45 pm : Preparing for Prayer 
7.00 pm : Solat Maghrib & Solat Hajat
7.30 pm : Eating time!!!

- Please bring your own 'sejadah' and its better to come with 'wuduk'.
- Potluck - one menu per house (choose either fruits/puddings/batik cake/popcorn/chips)
- Please come early to finish earlier.

p/s: Come with empty stomach k, insyaAllah loads of food are awaiting for you there.

Microbiology and other Announcements

1) Guidelines for Microbiology from HOD Prof. Dr. Fickry are as in the attached picture.

2) For other guidelines from Dr. Tamer, please refer below;

* Study MCQ book very well (esp to score part1 Book)
* 2days for Systemic Bacteriology
* 2days for Virology, Nosocomial Infection & Medical Microbiology
* 1day for Mycology (HOD's fav topic)
* Remaining 3days for revision and repetition
(1) Systemic Bacteriology
- Morphology
- Culture
- Biochemical Reactions
- Disease
- Specific Diagnosis
(2) Diagnosis of all bacteria + specific points
(3) Prevention or Vaccination of all bacteria
(4) Tables of differentiation between bacteria. It may be tables from texbook or out of textbook.
(5) Virulence factor
(6) Treponema (QQQ), Chlamydia (QQQ).
(7) Mycology (please study all)
- General
-Table of Fungi
From HOD,
eg. of short account:
- Give diagnosis of...
- Enumerate bacteria that..
- List some....
- Compare...
p/s: We suggest that you study the past years question which require 5marks for short account part.

3) Recommendation Letter for Clinical Attachment in Malaysia, please meet Madam Doaa' or Mr. Ibrahim at the International Students Office to give out your name then claim you letter as well.

4) The schedule for Dur Thani will be released very soon, insyaAllah by this week. But roughly, Prof. Dr Nesreen said it will be started as following dates:

- 1st year : 21st Aug 2011
- 2nd year : 16 Aug 2011
- 3rd year : 15 Aug 2011

- While results insyaAllah will be released as early as possible in Aug.
- The next academic session will start right after Dur Thani Ended which is in early September (might be in 2nd week).

5) Information regarding ICDL course will be updated soon. For those who wish to take ICDL course and exam during this summer break, please p/m Leader or Vice Leader your name as soon as possible.

6) Attention to those who will be leaving Egypt right after the exam ended, please p/m your name to Leader or Vice Leader for data record in case of anything.

7) For those who will be taking Psychology Exam tomorrow, the exam will be held at 10am (11.07.2011). Gudluck k!