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Ophthalmology Scheme Marks

total marks = 250m
50% written (125m)
  •  written 85m
  • MCQ 40m

20% round exam (50m)

30% oral n clinical exam (75m)
  • oral 25m
  • clinical exam 50m
- clinical photo 20m
- clinical test 30m

  1. ocular exam not include in written but in oral n clinical exam
  2. anatomy not in written n mcq
  3. laser not in written
  4. vitreous n slcera not in written

any other annoucement will update later:) 

Format Final Exam (Forensic & Toxic)

From Saiful Aqmal

Format Final Exam

- Paper 1 (Toxicology) : 50 markah

- Paper 2 (Forensic) : 50 markah

MCQ (selepas setiap kertas 1 dan 2)

- Forensic 15 soalan : 15 markah

- Toxicology 15 soalan : 15 markah


- Satu sesi : 20 markah



(Rujuk soalan tahun lepas)

Bagi kertas 1
- 2 cases: 10 markah

- 4 Define: 4 markah

- 6 enumerate : 12 markah

- 4 Short notes: 12 markah

- 4 Scientific name: 4 markah

- 8 Gives Reason: 8 markah

TOTAL 50 markah

Bagi kertas 2
- 2 cases: 10 markah

- 6 Define: 6 markah

- 4 enumerate : 8 markah

- 4 Short notes: 12 markah

- 5 Scientific name: 5 markah

- 3 Comparison: 9 markah

TOTAL 50 markah

Marking scheme for Forensic Toxico

You can find the sample for last year's exam papers for Forensic & Toxicology in Maktabah Amir. Of course, since summer is already here, it can get pretty hot during the day. But  don't worry, you can click the links below to download the exam papers for Forensic & Toxicology, respectively.

Congrats all on finishing the first subject! Ops, my bad. Good luck to those in group 4 who'll have their oral exam on this Friday. Let's end it on a high note, shall we? :)

Update 1: Copies for mportant questions and symtomatic ttt from Dr.Usama Shabka can be found at the maktabah next to Movenpick ice cream joint, in front of Istad Gamaah. Or you can simply click here, uploaded by kak Zaty in Facebook.

Update 2: We also have the model answers for both papers, which can be downloaded here and here.

Paper II Com Med

From Ridhwan Nordin

pagi tadi salah seorang ahli medClick telah berjumpa dgn HOD.

ada tajuk yang perlu ditekankan,tapi jgn bergantung 100% sebab kemungkinan akan keluar soalan lain jugak.



-NHI (Natural health insurance)

-function of PHC &related health problem in Egypt
-primary health care and family practice

-reproduction health
-outcome of pregnancy

-school children
-adolescent Health

-food health
-waste and hazard




-physical agent
-biological hazards
-inorganic dust
-occupational cancer
-occupational accident


More infos from Dr. Niazy

From Fatini Zubir

During meeting with Prof Dr.Ahmed Niazy between me and Nur Shazlin today 2/6/2012.Generally Doctor just stress on the thing he said before. He claims that he almost gives the exam question paper to us.heh
  Nevertheless, we managed to collect some points to be pondered during the last 3 days before Commed Exam.

**believing these facts 100% are at your own risk**

Paper 1-
 General and special epidemiology(40 M)
Chain of infection very important. Any one of them (prevention,control,clinical picture-not important)
special epidemiology
infection( epidemiology not include C/P,Investigation,diagnosis)
droplet--viral droplet NOT important
parasite--malaria and schistosome(prevention)
food borne--Cholera,typhoid,gastorenteritis
contact borne--Tetanus,rabies (prevention) ,Anthrax.

Medical biostatistics (16 marks)

Population pyramids
Death statistics
Morbidity statistics

 Nutrition (12 Marks)
Deficiency disease( Health hazards)
prevention  (new question)

 Communication and health behaviour (7-8 marks)
Please stress on page 29 -32
Human health behaviour NOT INCLUDED

Paper 2 (75 Marks)

Health system
Planning and implementation (88-92)
Pre-conceptional, natal care
School children
- family planning
-Family health records
-Assessment of family practices and PHC services
-Mental health

Environmental and Occupational Health 
-Physical agents -VERY IMPORTANT

Non communicable—no stressed topic

Regarding MCQS question
the case questions are on topic of non communicable (risk factor and prevention)

Please don’t believe this thing 100%.I may write down or heard it wrongly.
Before u stress on these important topics make sure u already finish the entire syllabus.
Btw. Doctor really hopes he can help us during marking the written paper  insyaAllah.

Last but not least I’m so sorry if these info not satisfying ur need or any left points that if forgot to write down during the meeting.
And let us pray that we all succeed in commed with flying colours insyaAllah.
Good luck and all the best medclickers :)