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Subgroups for presentation

These are the newly released subgroups for presentation in Com Med round. For your information, presentations are going to take place starting from April 4, 2012. Please take note of which group you belong to. Should you have any inquiry, kindly refer it to the assigned doctors. 

Timetable for COMMED round

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From Izzati Abdullah

Sesiapa yang ingin menyertai Basic Life Support dan Intermediate Life Support sila bagi nama dan bayaran kepada bendahari SELEWAT-LEWATNYA 2 MINGGU DARI SEKARANG.(27 March)
BLS = LE200,
ILS = LE 400 (masih dalam usaha mintak kurang.kita amik harga 400 ni je dulu. kalau dikurangkan kite pulangkan semula).

Sekian dimaklumkan. Terima kasih

Method of assessment for COMMED round

From Ridhwan Nordin

1. End of round 60marks
• Practical book activities:6marks
• Problem solving exam (quiz):14marks (31MARCH and 21APRIL)
• Multistations exam:10marks
• MCQ:30marks (3MAY)
2. Final written exam (2papers) 150marks
3. Final oral exam : 60marks
4. Final mcq exam: 30marks

Important reminder

From Saiful Aqmal

1. COMMED's round will be held for 5 days a week for 7 consecutive weeks until 3 May 2012.

2. COMMED's round start at 10 am - 12 pm, with the first hour is dedicated for a mass lecture for Vol 3/Practical COMMED's book and the following hour will be for practical session.

3. The 12 pm lecture for Vol 1 and 2 of COMMED's text book will be held as usual.

4. The whole lecture-practical-lecture sessions will be held in the Hall A of the Old Pharmacy Building.

5. Of 30 days of classes to be conducted throughout the whole COMMED's round, attendance of 75% is COMPULSORY (without doubt) for all students.

6. Students are required to bring their own identification cards issued by the University to enter the round, as attendance is recorded by showing the cards to the department's clerks.

7. Attendance is recorded for only a period of 5 minutes after 10 am. Attendance for students coming to round after that time will not be recorded.

8. Students who have attendance record below 75% will be banned from taking the end-of-round examination. This has been imposed for the other groups which have taken the COMMED's round.


Latest update regarding ENT end round exam

Formats of MCQs End Round Exam of ENT:

-All multiple choice questions NO true of false etc.
-(Taken from the page: Mansoura Doctors 2014’s graduate,but this may change as this post is for November round's students)

‘80% taken from previous year or round question
20% taken from any books of mcq or (maybe a new question)

-Rujuk di sini:

-But please don’t try to believe this statement 100%. Better to complete all the MCQs no matter it’s a past year q or from books of MCQs

-Regarding the question that had been asked by Dermie Fiza:

Q:Most common congenital anomaly requiring tracheostomy at birth?

Based on my previous meeting with Prof Dr.Yasser Khafagy:
He stated the answer is congenital subglottic stenosis because this disease is more common than the congenital laryngeal web.

He also didn’t give any clue or any important topic or questions from book of MCQs that should be highlighted.

-From my Egyptian friend, she recommended us to focus on past round exam (the recent one)

-For any of those students who wants to have the previous end round MCQs exam (November 2011, January 2012) you can have it at maktabah beside hafiz hall.The booklet written with dr.moslim on each of its pages.

-And last but not least, please complete your logbook and bring it on the day of exam, this Wednesday, 14/3/2012 11.30 am at exam hall 4th floor of kulliyah tibb (previously hall where forensic exam was held)

Sorry for the late update.Good luck and all the best comrades! :)