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The voting results

From Saiful Aqmal :

Dengan lafaz Jalalah, saya mengumumkan Ketua dan Timbalan Ketua Kelas bagi sesi akademik 2012/2013 adalah Sdr. Solah Uddin dan Azimah Zahari.

Semoga Allah mengurniakan rahmat dan kesabaran ke atas mereka berdua, dan semoga Allah membuka pintu hati kita semua untuk membantu mereka berdua menjalankan tugas.


Tuition Int Med

From Ummu Ulfah :


1. Kelas Cardio sheet & examination postponed to next Sunday, 25/11, 5.30 pm

2. 1 written Qs + MCQ (Portal HTN + Esophageal varies + Ascites), Monday, 26/11
3. Dan berita gembira untuk those yang lambat masuk tuition, kita akan arrange kelas extra untuk semua.. minta kerjasama senaraikan topic yang korang "tertinggal" untuk start cover dah next week..

Terima Kasih

Tuition fees

From Ummu Ulfah :

Yuran tuition internalmed : 450le per sem/student
Yuran tuition peadiatric : 550le per sem/student

Untuk patient internalmed tuition : 1.5 le per patient/student [[NO NEGO]]

p/s :
No any discount in the future and dont ask for it ~____^v
utk kwn2 yg lain still bleh tuition lgi,utk subject or topic yg tertinggal kita akn kumpulkan dan buat kelas special utk korg..gunakan kelebihan yg ade skrg (*yuran yg murah) dan kita akan ade sesi dgn "real patient" nanti..

Terima kasih

Perubahan Jadual General Int Med

17-11-12 hingga 13-12-12

angka giliran: 969 - 1023 (10g)

isnin - cardiology department, specialized medical hospital, 2nd floor, hall 6
selasa - oncology center, radiology hall, 2nd floor

angka giliran: 1024 - 1054 (7g)
isnin - gastro department, internal medicine hospital, administrative building, hall 4
selasa - endocrinology department, internal medicine hospital, administrative building, hall 2

angka giliran: 1055 - 1103 (9g)
isnin - oncology center, radiology hall, 2nd floor
selasa - cardiology department, specialized medical hospital, 2nd floor, hall 6

Jadual Skill Lab

Jadual Clinical Paeds Group 16

Jadual lecture paediatrics

Group Bedside Teaching

jadual kuliah tahun 5

welcome back to school!!!!

Important questions for Ophthalmology

Thanks to Kak Zaty & those that attended the revision classes by DR. Sheikh, now we've got our hands on the important topics that should be stressed on for the coming written exam. Be informed that it's said by our seniors that the questions that came from Dr. Sheikh usually will come in the exam. All the best comrades! :)

12 days before exam

6 days for1st revision
  1. lid and cornea
  2. conjunctiva and uvea
  3. lens and errors of refraction
  4. glaucoma and optics
  5. retina + orbit + trauma
  6. lacrimal + squint + others (collections)

4 days for 2nd revision

2 days for 3rd revision

last day before exam must cover all the topics
from subuh till the time of exam 1st priority QQQ

1st priority QQQ (5 out of 10Q)
  1. ptosis - causes
  2. ectropion - causes, complications, ttt esp senile
  3. entropion - causes, CP, ttt esp cicatricial
  4. blepharitis - types, sequalae/complications ulcerative, ttt
  5. trichiasis - complication, ttt

2nd priority QQ (comes in exam once,rare, 3 out of 10Q)
  1. lagophthalmos
  2. anatomy of eyelids
  3. lid edema
  4. clinical evaluation of ptosis

3rd priority Q (never come in exam, 2 out of 10Q)
  1. symblepharon
  2. congenital anomalies of eyelid
  3. chalazion

    1st priority
    1. complication of corneal perforation (ttt)
    2. ttt of corneal ulcers
    3. hypophyon ulcer/bacterial ulcer - CP (signs n symptoms),complications,ttt
    4. Herpes Simplex Keratitis - Dendritic ulcer - CP,antiviral drugs,ttt
    5. keratoconus

    2nd priority
    1. keratomalacia
    2. CP of general corneal ulcer
    3. Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus
    4. photophthalmia

    3rd priority
    1. corneal opacities
    2. corneal vascularization

    1st priority
    1. phlyctenular conjunctivitis - CP,DD,ttt
    2. purulent with ophthalmia neonatorum
    3. diphtheritic (membranous) conjunctivitis
    4. spring catarrhal (vernal keratoconjunctivitis)
    5. trachoma - corneal manifestation,ttt

    2nd priority
    1. photophthalmia
    2. types of pannus - trachomatous,phlyctenular

    3rd priority
    -rest of the chapters

    • LENS
      1st priority
      1. congenital cataract - morphological types ***
      2. complicated cataract - causes (ocular & systemic), management

      2nd priority
      1. senile cataract - DD,types, intumescent cataract, hypermature cataract

      3rd priority
      Different () - complicated cataract vs senile cataract, nuclear cataract vs nuclear sclerosis

      1st priority
      1. acute iridocyclitis - management,ttt, all
      2. chronic iridocyclitis

      2nd priority
      1. endophthalmitis
      2. panophthalmitis

      3rd priority
      1. non suppurative choroiditis
      2. malignant  melanoma of choroid

      1st priority
      1. myopia (CP,complication,ttt)
      2. astigmatism
      3. aphakia (correction,CP,sign)

      2nd priority
      1. anisometropia=unilateral aphakia=unilateral high myopia
      2. contact lenses

      3rd priority
      1. hypermetropia
      2. presbyopia
      3. disadvantages of spectacles ms 135

      1st priority
      1. causes of 2ry glaucoma - open, closes
      2. acute congestive glaucoma - management,D, ttt
      3. ttt of POAG
      4. Buphthalmos (congenital glaucoma) - investigation,D,DD,CP

      2nd priority
      1. field changes in POAG
      2. absolute glaucoma - stages (site & sequelae)
      3. fundus changes in POAG
      DD acute red painful eye

      1. optic atrophy - causes, clinical types
      2. papillaedema - D,DD,A/e
      3. optic neuritis - toxic amblyopia,papillitis

      1st priority
      1. Central Retina Artery Occlussion (CRAO)
      2. Central Retina Vein Occlussion (CRVO)
      3. diabetic retinopathy
      4. 1ry rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment

      2nd priority
      1. hypertensive retinopathy
      2. retinitis pigmentosa

      1. endocrinal exophthalmos
      2. causes of proptosis (CTIN VEP)
      3. DD red proptotic eye = inflammatory proptosis
      4. orbital cellulitis
      5. cavernous sinus trombosis (CST)

        1st priority
        1. management of chemical burn (lime burn0
        2. effect of blunt trauma to the eye (management)
        3. effect of IOFB,sharp border object injury

        2nd priority
        1. sympathetic ophthalmitis

        3rd priority
        1. physical injuries

        1st priority
        1. dry eye D
        2. watery eye - clinical evaluation in case of epiphore
        3. infantile dacrocystitis - special management ch/acute dacrocystitis
        canaliculitis - not important, read it

        1st priority
        1. D of paralytic squint (6th nv palsy***,3rd nv palsy,4th nv palsy)
        2. concomittent squint (evaluation of case, management accomodative esotrophia)
        3. comparison () paralytic n concomittent squint

        2nd priority
        1. heterophoria

        NB: take note utk tajuk yang ada 8 point maybe akan keluar...

        alhamdulillah dah habis semua tajuk.all the best.bittawfeeq wannajah:)

      Revision Class for Clinical Ophthalmology Tests

      Revision Class for Clinical Ophthalmology Tests

      Date: 8 july 2012 (Sunday)
      Time: 9 am
      Venue: Conference Hall, Ophtalmology Hospital

      Those who interested to come please be early. We do not want another incident where the lecturer comes 10 minutes earlier than the designated time, whereas students come 15 minutes late than the designated time. Shame it is.

      Briefing on Ophthalmology exam

      Examination seminar on written, clinical and viva papers for Ophthalmology

      Date: July 5, 2012 (Thursday)
      Time: 10 am
      Venue: Conference Hall, Ophthalmology Hospital

      Analysis Ophthalmology

      Ophthalmology Scheme Marks

      total marks = 250m
      50% written (125m)
      •  written 85m
      • MCQ 40m

      20% round exam (50m)

      30% oral n clinical exam (75m)
      • oral 25m
      • clinical exam 50m
      - clinical photo 20m
      - clinical test 30m

      1. ocular exam not include in written but in oral n clinical exam
      2. anatomy not in written n mcq
      3. laser not in written
      4. vitreous n slcera not in written

      any other annoucement will update later:) 

      Format Final Exam (Forensic & Toxic)

      From Saiful Aqmal

      Format Final Exam

      - Paper 1 (Toxicology) : 50 markah

      - Paper 2 (Forensic) : 50 markah

      MCQ (selepas setiap kertas 1 dan 2)

      - Forensic 15 soalan : 15 markah

      - Toxicology 15 soalan : 15 markah


      - Satu sesi : 20 markah



      (Rujuk soalan tahun lepas)

      Bagi kertas 1
      - 2 cases: 10 markah

      - 4 Define: 4 markah

      - 6 enumerate : 12 markah

      - 4 Short notes: 12 markah

      - 4 Scientific name: 4 markah

      - 8 Gives Reason: 8 markah

      TOTAL 50 markah

      Bagi kertas 2
      - 2 cases: 10 markah

      - 6 Define: 6 markah

      - 4 enumerate : 8 markah

      - 4 Short notes: 12 markah

      - 5 Scientific name: 5 markah

      - 3 Comparison: 9 markah

      TOTAL 50 markah

      Marking scheme for Forensic Toxico

      You can find the sample for last year's exam papers for Forensic & Toxicology in Maktabah Amir. Of course, since summer is already here, it can get pretty hot during the day. But  don't worry, you can click the links below to download the exam papers for Forensic & Toxicology, respectively.

      Congrats all on finishing the first subject! Ops, my bad. Good luck to those in group 4 who'll have their oral exam on this Friday. Let's end it on a high note, shall we? :)

      Update 1: Copies for mportant questions and symtomatic ttt from Dr.Usama Shabka can be found at the maktabah next to Movenpick ice cream joint, in front of Istad Gamaah. Or you can simply click here, uploaded by kak Zaty in Facebook.

      Update 2: We also have the model answers for both papers, which can be downloaded here and here.

      Paper II Com Med

      From Ridhwan Nordin

      pagi tadi salah seorang ahli medClick telah berjumpa dgn HOD.

      ada tajuk yang perlu ditekankan,tapi jgn bergantung 100% sebab kemungkinan akan keluar soalan lain jugak.



      -NHI (Natural health insurance)

      -function of PHC &related health problem in Egypt
      -primary health care and family practice

      -reproduction health
      -outcome of pregnancy

      -school children
      -adolescent Health

      -food health
      -waste and hazard




      -physical agent
      -biological hazards
      -inorganic dust
      -occupational cancer
      -occupational accident


      More infos from Dr. Niazy

      From Fatini Zubir

      During meeting with Prof Dr.Ahmed Niazy between me and Nur Shazlin today 2/6/2012.Generally Doctor just stress on the thing he said before. He claims that he almost gives the exam question paper to us.heh
        Nevertheless, we managed to collect some points to be pondered during the last 3 days before Commed Exam.

      **believing these facts 100% are at your own risk**

      Paper 1-
       General and special epidemiology(40 M)
      Chain of infection very important. Any one of them (prevention,control,clinical picture-not important)
      special epidemiology
      infection( epidemiology not include C/P,Investigation,diagnosis)
      droplet--viral droplet NOT important
      parasite--malaria and schistosome(prevention)
      food borne--Cholera,typhoid,gastorenteritis
      contact borne--Tetanus,rabies (prevention) ,Anthrax.

      Medical biostatistics (16 marks)

      Population pyramids
      Death statistics
      Morbidity statistics

       Nutrition (12 Marks)
      Deficiency disease( Health hazards)
      prevention  (new question)

       Communication and health behaviour (7-8 marks)
      Please stress on page 29 -32
      Human health behaviour NOT INCLUDED

      Paper 2 (75 Marks)

      Health system
      Planning and implementation (88-92)
      Pre-conceptional, natal care
      School children
      - family planning
      -Family health records
      -Assessment of family practices and PHC services
      -Mental health

      Environmental and Occupational Health 
      -Physical agents -VERY IMPORTANT

      Non communicable—no stressed topic

      Regarding MCQS question
      the case questions are on topic of non communicable (risk factor and prevention)

      Please don’t believe this thing 100%.I may write down or heard it wrongly.
      Before u stress on these important topics make sure u already finish the entire syllabus.
      Btw. Doctor really hopes he can help us during marking the written paper  insyaAllah.

      Last but not least I’m so sorry if these info not satisfying ur need or any left points that if forgot to write down during the meeting.
      And let us pray that we all succeed in commed with flying colours insyaAllah.
      Good luck and all the best medclickers :)

      Info regarding Com Med

      From  Mansoura Doctors 2014's graduates page

      Q of epidemiology
      Ans : def , public health significance , causitive agent , reservoir , exit , communication period , mode of transmision , portal of entry , IP , susceptibility .

      Q of prevention
      general prev - specific prevention ( immunization , seroprophlaxis , chemoprophlaxis )

      Q of control
      ( case , contacts , epidemic , international measures )

      important in general
      (immunity , chain of infection )

      round topics with us
      (water , MHC , PHC , diarreal diseases , meningitis , TB , communication & health behaviour , population pyramid , rates & ratio , obesity , caloric requirment )

      survies are important .. schistosoma , malaria , TB

      in nutrition ditatics not with us

      family planning only not with us , while family practice ( important) with us

      feeding of infant with us

      mental health with us
      الدكتور مقلهاش صريحه انها مش معانا , فنقرأها وخلاص

      people with special needs not with us

      reproductive health include maternal health care , child health care

      all things with us in oral , mcq

      exam time : each paper 1 hour and half

      From an unknown source:

      1.specific prevention(cholera,yellow fever,plague)
      2.control of contact of meningitis
      3.epidemic measure for typhoid
      4.survey (TB,malaria,schistosome)

      Thank you, Aisa & Ridh!

      MCQ book for Ophthal

      From Izzati Abdullah

      berkenaan perkara di atas, buku mcq tersebut boleh la dibeli di maktabah kecik depan kuliah tibb (yg byk jual buku2 international) dengan harga LE 10.
      exam mcq akan dibuat selepas exam written.tertakluk kpd sebarang perubahan:)

      It's tomorrow!

      From Sakinah;

      Hasil kontek saya dgn Dr Hamdiah, saya tidak mendapat apa2 hint utk exam esok, sbb kata Dr :
      - Dr Samir sbnrnya telah diminta utk mengurangkan silibus HR, & sekaligus telah mengurangkan waku kelas HR shg 6 jam sahaja utk tahun ini.
      - Dr Ahmed Samir sgt sibuk.
      - Dr Hamdiah tidak memberikan saya no tel. Dr Ahmed kerana begitu yakin Dr Ahmed xkan beritahu apa2 ttg soalan exam esok, & tidak akan melayan sebarang panggilan telefon dari org yg xdikenali (seperti saya ;)), lebih2 lg apabila exam akan diadakan pd esok hari.

      Minta maaf. Bittaufik Wannajah utk HR, semua! =) 

      important topics:
      -basic HR principles
      -derogation in state of emergency
      -core elements of rite to fair trial
      -freedom of opinion n expression(content)
      - crime of torture
      - natural judge.


      From Saiful;


      The examination will be at 12 pm on 29th May 2012, tomorrow.

      Please come early so you can locate the place.

      Important topics for Com Med

      Exam scheme 2012:

      Paper 1: 75 marks.

      1. General epidemiology and Special epidemiology (40 m).
       2. Medical Biostatistics (16 m).
      3. Nutrition (12 m).
      4. Communication and Health Behaviour (7-8 m).

      Paper 2: 75 marks.

      1. Primary Health Care Service (PHC), MCH and Reproductive, Health Care Management, Family Practice, Rural Health, Geriatric Health, School Health, Adolescent health (45m)
      2. Environmental and Occupational Health (20 m).
      3. Non communicable disease (10 marks)

      Question Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases: (40 m).

      5 questions :
      1st from general epidemiology of communicable diseases (6-7 m).
      - chain of infection.
      - immunity.
      - sero and chemoprophylaxis.
      - emerging and re-emerging diseases.
      - excluded
      :: disinfection and sterilization.
      :: surveillance.
      :: hospital infection.
      :: diseases and elimination.

      the rest of questions (4 Q) from selected communicable diseases:

      - large diseases
      write their epidemiology (def, public importance, causative org, reservoir, portal entry and exit, IP, susceptibility)
      -  Hepatitis B & C excluded.
      -  Prevention & Control of selected diseases: toxoplasma, malaria schistosoma, plague, STI, tetanus, yellow fever, anthrax.
      - TB and Schistosoma Survey (VVIQ).

      Non- Communcable Diseases:
      - Prevention & Control of diseases.
      - Risk factor (*cancer, smoking).

      Medical Biostatistics:
      - Demography (8m).
      - Vital Statistics (8m) : give an account in causes, prevention.

      Communication and Health Education (VVIQ).
      Nutrition: 2 questions, 12 marks. malnutrition, definition, problem.d health education (VVIQ).
      Human Health Behaviour, excluded.
      Health Care Management: Planning, Implementation, Evaluation (VVIQ).
      Primary Health Care (VVIQ).
      Health System and Health Service in Egypt : Basic Benefit Package (VVIQ).
      School Children Health. component of maternal, child and adolescent.
      Elderly Health (VVIQ).
      Environmental Health: Waste, Housing and Food (VVIQ). 8 m
      Occupational Health: (12 m) 2 questions.
      : Physical Agent (VVIQ).

      Excluded Topics:

      - Special needs.
      - Mental Health.
      - Family Planning.
      - Human Health Behavior.
      - Viral Hepatitis B & C.
      - Quality Management.

      * no equation in medical biostatistics.

      For Oral (30 marks, 1 professor, by using question cards)

      :: Food Borne Diseases (Cholera & Typhoid VVIQ).
      :: All  Prevention & Control.
      :: Contact Diseases.
      :: Biostatistics : infant & maternal, morbidity.
      :: Nutrition : Vitamins, Vitamin D deficiency.
      :: Environmental & Occupational Health.
      :: Gen Epidemiology; definition (important for oral).
      *listed topics untuk oral ni yang paling banyak ditanya, make sure baca yang lain jugak ye.For MCQ (60 marks)- strictly MCQ- 50 questions from Department's MCQ book
      - 5 MCQ based on problem solving of a case (not coming from Department's book)- 5 MCQ (not coming from Department's book)

      credit to: farhah nabilah.

      p/s: InsyaAllah ni hasil gabungan info dari farhah dan rakan-rakan lain, kalau ade pertambahan lagi, dipersilakan tambah di ruang 'comment' di bawah tu.

      All the best!. Al- Mukminun: 1-2.
      "Man jadda wa jada wa man zara' a hasoda."
      "Sesiapa yang berusaha akan berhasil, sesiapa yang menanam akan menuai".  :)

      New arrangement for the meeting with the HOD

      Assalamualaikum. we are sorry to inform you that the meeting with the HOD of Com Med that's supposed to take place today has been postponed to this Saturday, May 26th. spread the news k? thank you :)

      Meeting with the H.O.D of Com Med


      A meeting with the Head of Dept of Community Medicine will be held this Thursday at 10 am, at our usual lecture hall in Block D, inshallah. This meeting is requested by Dr. Niazy himself so we highly hope that the turnout will not be disappointing.

      More updates regarding Human Rights

      From Sakinah

      Salam alaikum.


      Alhamdulillah kelas Human Right sudah pun berakhir. Terima kasih atas kerjasama semua.
      Insya-Allah format exam HR:
      - 3 soalan esei/bertulis. Hanya pilih 2 soalan dari 3 soalan yg diberikan.
      - Tiada soalan MCQ & True/False.
      - Soalan akan keluar dari slides doktor sahaja, jadi fokus pada slides doktor sahaja,
      untuk dapat fullmark =) insya-Allah~

      Pesan doktor Ahmed Samir Hassanein:
      - ini adalah soalan yg paling mudah supaya kamu semua boleh skor
      - Kamu tak perlu hafal,hanya perlu faham. Jadi,boleh buat ayat sendiri ketika
      menjawab soalan nanti.

      All the Best, semua! =)

      Majlis Solat Hajat & Bacaan Yaasin

      From Saiful Aqmal


      Majlis Solat Hajat dan Bacaan Yaasin MedClick 2011/2012

      Saya mewakili AJK Kelas pada tahun ini menjemput seluruh ahli MedClick untuk hadir bagi solat hajat dan bacaan Yaasin, dan memohon doa kepada ALLAH agar dipermudahkan untuk menjawab peperiksaan akhir nanti.

      Tarikh : 20 Mei 2012
      Hari : Ahad
      Masa : 6.30 petang
      Tempat : Qaah Ibnu Sina


      6.30 petang : Kehadiran
      6.45 petang :
      - Azan Maghrib oleh __________
      - Solat Maghrib diimami oleh ____________
      - Solat sunat Hajat diimami oleh _____________
      - Bacaan Yaasin dan tahlil dipimpin oleh _____________
      - Tazkirah oleh ______________

      8.17 malam :
      - Azan Isha oleh _________
      - Solat Isha diimami oleh __________
      - Jamuan ringan

      Saya menjemput semua untuk hadir sebelum azan Maghrib, kerana solat akan terus didirikan selepas itu (tiada sunat muakkad untuk Qabliah Maghrib) dan majlis akan diteruskan sejurus selepas itu.

      Jamuan ringan adalah berbentuk pot-luck. Hadirin dipersilakan untuk membawa juadah untuk 'dihadiahkan' kepada sahabat-sahabat yang lain. Minuman akan disediakan oleh AJK Kelas

      Saya mempelawa ikhwah yang lunak suaranya, baik bacaan al-Fatihahnya (sudah mengcukupi) untuk menjadi muazzin dan imam. Saya percaya umur sekurang-kurang 22 tahun daripada kalangan kita sudah baligh keseluruhannya, jadi mana mungkin bacaan al-Fatihah masih terkial-kial. Sila cadangkan nama.

      Ikhwah mari kita bincangkan juadah apa yang hendak dibawa.

      Sekian, harap maklum

      Latest updates for Human Rights

      The last lecture for Human Rights will be held tomorrow, Saturday May 19. 2.30 pm at the Handousah Hall. We will finish all the topics that are left and there will be a discussion regarding Palestine's issue and also a briefing about the written exam for this subject.

      The attendance is not compulsory but we strongly encourage all students to attend this lecture.

      Also attached is the last year's questions for guidance and reference.

      Important Qs ENT & Com Med

      Credit: Syahidah Pishal


       COM MED
      from Dr. Arafa


      Thanks to Esteqqama, we now have the snippet from the briefing for the Ophthalmology exam earlier this week. Due to time constraint, I apologize for not being able to translate or re-write this post properly.

      written: 2jam setengah,85markah,10 soalan

      mcq: 40 soalan(1markah 1soalan,buku akan dikluarkan xlama lagi,semua kluar dr buku tersebut-diadakn lps exam written dlm masa setengah jam..)

      multistation:20 gmbr(akan dibuat pd masa oral-gmbr mcm dlm buku teks,a.k.a cam kt exam end round,including ttt)

      *anatomy,clinical test= excluded from written
      *operation/laser=written only,just describe shortly,not too detail

      doc akan wat 5kls utk:
      4)med. opthal
      5)DD(acute red painful eye,byk kali doc ulang2 )
      6)clinical test(just name)

      doc terang skit pasal written:
      **stp soalan perlu tulis definition dahulu..

      **utk direct qs
      cth: kalo soalan tny pasal complication of ectropion.
      jwpn:hny pasal complication,exclude C/P ,ttt dan lain2 point

      **utk indirect qs
      cth: kalo soalan tny pasal C/P
      jwpn: include sign n symptom

      p/s:doc ckp dalam bhs arab.jd ini shj yg dpt sy dpt.may be blh deal ngan doc balik camne..

      Marking scheme for Com Med written exam

      Jadual exam practical Forensic

      Identification of skull

      Practical Forensic

      10 stations: 10 X 2m = 20m (1.5 minutes per station)
      5 different jars
      2 bones
      1 xray
      1 thin layer chromatography
      1 applied toxicology (antidotes)

      jars include:
      - wound
      - fetus
      - ossific center
      - fracture skull
      - brain/head injury
      - firearm injury
      - catridge and missiles
      - seed, roots and capsule

      1.seed, roots and capsule
      - you must write everything you know
      - except MLI only if asked

      2.catridge and missiles
      -type: empty or not fired catridge of
      -fired or not: present of needle mark and rifling mark (fired) absent (not fired)
      -caliber: only in the sporting gun (see the number under the case)
      -content of living one "only if asked"

      wad: type, description, function, MLI "only if asked"
      shots: type, description, MLI "only if asked"
      powder: type, description, composition
      bullet: type, description, fired or not

      3.firearm injury
      -identify the injury
      -one of these Q
      mention causative instrument
      mention time passed after injury
      mention possible causes of death
      mention distance of firing
      mention direction of firing

      -identify the age + description/evidence why?

      -cause of death
      -time of death

      6.ossific center

      7.fracture skull
      -one of these Q
      mention causative instrument
      mention time passed after injury
      mention possible causes of death
      -shape,length,site,relation to the sutures,other features

      8.brain/head injury
      -one of these Q
      mention causative instrument
      mention time passed after injury
      mention possible causes of death
      -shape,length,site,other features

      -one of these Q
      mention causative instrument
      mention time passed after injury
      mention possible causes of death

      10.bone (identification)
      -race (skull)

      -plain x-ray
      -region: ankle/knee/shoulder/elbow/wrist/hand
      -view:anteroposterior/lateral/posteroanterior (hand, wrist, chest only)
      -showing: union + non union epiphyses + diagnosis of age

      12.applied toxicology 
      antidote-action + dose
      nasogastric tube/ryle's tube
      endotracheal tube
      oropharyngeal tube
      activated charcoal


      Com Med end round exam

      From Fatini Zubir


      Salam.Hasil perjumpaan bersama Prof.Dr.Abdel Hady El-Gilany 2/5/2012:

      1- Soalan terdiri daripada 40 soalan OBJEKTIF yg bersamaan dengan 40 markah.
      2- Terdapat 30 soalan MCQs dan 10 soalan true or false
      3- Soalan bergambar terdiri daripada 4-6 soalan merangkumi bar chart,population pyramid etc juga occupational tools for multistation Q.
      4-Juga terdapat soalan kira-kira pd esok hari.Justeru,anda dinasihatkan utk membawa bersama kalkulator pd esok hari.
      5-Untuk tahu lebih lanjut bentuk soalan pd esok hari,anda boleh rujuk kepada set past end round exam.
      6-Dr Abdel Hady tidak dpt menekankan mana-mana important Q mahupun gambar atas alasan beliau bukanlah penggubal soalan bg round ini.
      7-Peperiksaan pada esok hari akn berlansung pd pukul 10 pg di exam hall, tingkat 4 bangunan tibb.

      **Sila lengkapkan logbook anda dan hantar ke department of community medicine selewat-lewatnya 2 hari selepas exam.Bagi mana-mana pelajar yg gagal berbuat demikian 6 markah akn ditolak.
      **Juga peringatan bg pelajar yg disenaraikan tidak hadir selama 12 hari atau lebih, anda dikehendaki menghantar surat cuti sakit kpd Vice Dean Faculty of Medicine.Bg mana-mana pelajar yg gagal berbuat demikian,markah logbook anda akan ditolak. (6 markah)
      **Buku MCQ boleh didapati pd esok hari di department .

      Maaf jika terdapat sebarang kesalahan atau kecelaruan ddlam penyampaian maklumat.Sekian dan salam maju jaya :)

      Jadual Museum Forensic

      from Izzati Abdullah

      14hb - 30hb April mathaf akan dibuka sehingga jam 3 petang
      pagi start pukul 8 - 9..selepas pukul 9 ada kelas arab.

      2hb - 9hb May mathaf akan dibuka bermula 9am - 1.30pm sahaja

      Tuition Ent & Forensic Toxico

      From Nurul Izzati Abdullah Zayawi

      1. Esok 5 april 2012
      akan diadakan TRIAL CLASS ENT jam 4 petang.
      tempat House Center
      boleh bincang dengan doktor nak buat kelas bila, bayar berapa dan sebagainya.

      2.Minggu depan akan start tusyen Forensic & Toxicology skali dengan praktikal. Bagi yang dah bagi nama hari tu take note ye. Kalau yang nak join lagi boleh bagi nama kat bawah.

      3.Sesiapa ada sebarang permasalahan berkaitan kelas boleh dikemukakan di komen bawah ini. Esok ada meeting dengan Dr.Hamdia.

      Jadual Final Exam

      Subgroups for presentation

      These are the newly released subgroups for presentation in Com Med round. For your information, presentations are going to take place starting from April 4, 2012. Please take note of which group you belong to. Should you have any inquiry, kindly refer it to the assigned doctors. 

      Timetable for COMMED round

      Click the image for larger view

      BLS & ILS

      From Izzati Abdullah

      Sesiapa yang ingin menyertai Basic Life Support dan Intermediate Life Support sila bagi nama dan bayaran kepada bendahari SELEWAT-LEWATNYA 2 MINGGU DARI SEKARANG.(27 March)
      BLS = LE200,
      ILS = LE 400 (masih dalam usaha mintak kurang.kita amik harga 400 ni je dulu. kalau dikurangkan kite pulangkan semula).

      Sekian dimaklumkan. Terima kasih

      Method of assessment for COMMED round

      From Ridhwan Nordin

      1. End of round 60marks
      • Practical book activities:6marks
      • Problem solving exam (quiz):14marks (31MARCH and 21APRIL)
      • Multistations exam:10marks
      • MCQ:30marks (3MAY)
      2. Final written exam (2papers) 150marks
      3. Final oral exam : 60marks
      4. Final mcq exam: 30marks

      Important reminder

      From Saiful Aqmal

      1. COMMED's round will be held for 5 days a week for 7 consecutive weeks until 3 May 2012.

      2. COMMED's round start at 10 am - 12 pm, with the first hour is dedicated for a mass lecture for Vol 3/Practical COMMED's book and the following hour will be for practical session.

      3. The 12 pm lecture for Vol 1 and 2 of COMMED's text book will be held as usual.

      4. The whole lecture-practical-lecture sessions will be held in the Hall A of the Old Pharmacy Building.

      5. Of 30 days of classes to be conducted throughout the whole COMMED's round, attendance of 75% is COMPULSORY (without doubt) for all students.

      6. Students are required to bring their own identification cards issued by the University to enter the round, as attendance is recorded by showing the cards to the department's clerks.

      7. Attendance is recorded for only a period of 5 minutes after 10 am. Attendance for students coming to round after that time will not be recorded.

      8. Students who have attendance record below 75% will be banned from taking the end-of-round examination. This has been imposed for the other groups which have taken the COMMED's round.


      Latest update regarding ENT end round exam

      Formats of MCQs End Round Exam of ENT:

      -All multiple choice questions NO true of false etc.
      -(Taken from the page: Mansoura Doctors 2014’s graduate,but this may change as this post is for November round's students)

      ‘80% taken from previous year or round question
      20% taken from any books of mcq or (maybe a new question)

      -Rujuk di sini:

      -But please don’t try to believe this statement 100%. Better to complete all the MCQs no matter it’s a past year q or from books of MCQs

      -Regarding the question that had been asked by Dermie Fiza:

      Q:Most common congenital anomaly requiring tracheostomy at birth?

      Based on my previous meeting with Prof Dr.Yasser Khafagy:
      He stated the answer is congenital subglottic stenosis because this disease is more common than the congenital laryngeal web.

      He also didn’t give any clue or any important topic or questions from book of MCQs that should be highlighted.

      -From my Egyptian friend, she recommended us to focus on past round exam (the recent one)

      -For any of those students who wants to have the previous end round MCQs exam (November 2011, January 2012) you can have it at maktabah beside hafiz hall.The booklet written with dr.moslim on each of its pages.

      -And last but not least, please complete your logbook and bring it on the day of exam, this Wednesday, 14/3/2012 11.30 am at exam hall 4th floor of kulliyah tibb (previously hall where forensic exam was held)

      Sorry for the late update.Good luck and all the best comrades! :)

      Pengumuman penting tentang exam round ENT

      From Ridhwan Nordin;

      TARIKH: 14 MAC 2012
      MASA: 11.30PAGI
      TEMPAT: DEWAN PEPERIKSAAN KULIAH TIBB TINGKAT 4.(dewan masa exam forensic aritu)


      *harap maaf tiada specific topic yang diberikan oleh HOD.lagipon HOD berkata "awak dah belajar ENT sebulan lebih dan diberi masa seminggu sebelum peperiksaan,saya rasa masa itu telah memadai untuk mmbaca dan mengetahui semua topic yang telah dipelajari."~translation ke melayu.


      *ROUND :40MARKAH
      (HOD akan buat penerangan pasal exam ini nanti)'
      *ESSAY :100 MARKAH
      *ORAL : 20 MARKAH



      From Saiful Aqmal;

      Mewakili seluruh ahli MedClick, kami ingin menyampaikan ucapan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kepada En Amir Aiman Mokhtar serta Cik Nur Shafika Shahruddin atas penerimaan anugerah pelajar cemerlang tahun tiga 2010/2011 daripada Fakulti Perubatan Mansoura University.

      Didoakan anda berjaya untuk mengekalkan prestasi dan meningkatkan pencapaian yang lebih baik pada masa akan datang. Semoga kejayaan anda menjadi inspirasi kepada orang lain.

      Jadual OT & Outpatient Clinic

      Jadual ini diadakan bertujuan untuk mengelakkan kesesakan di dalam Operation Theatre. Digalakkan mematuhi jadual, tapi sekiranya ada hal / program yang tidak dapat dielakkan, maka boleh saja join mana mana group yang lain.

      Jadual ENT (Latest)

      Sorry for the delay! Here's the timetable for the remaining lectures for ENT round.

      Jadual Com Med (Latest)

      Timetable for ENT round.

      Class will be held from 9 to 11 am everyday.

      Peta kelas ENT

      peta untuk ke kelas ENT nnt..

      *untuk GROUP A,anda kene naik dari bangunan B,naik tingkat satu,lepas tu ke kanan,anda akan nampak jejantas,lalu atas tu,terus lepas tu ke kiri dan anda samapi ke destinasi,lepas tu naik la ke tingkat 5.pintu kelas warna coklat.

      *untuk GROUP B anda boleh terus naik ke tingkat 5.pintu kelas warna putih.

      tq :)

      Round ENT

      GROUP A = 9013-9104
      GROUP B = 8921-9012
      *untuk pelajar Malaysia hanya Group A dan B.

      *jadual ENT tak keluar lagi.jadual akan keluar pada hari sabtu pagi nanti.
      untuk pengetahuan semua pelajar,anda dibenarkan dan dialu-alukan untuk memasuki ke OPERATION THEATER(O.R) dan OUTPATIENT CLINIC selepas kelas SETIAP HARI tapi hendaklah meminta kebenaran mana-mana doctor yang bertugas di klinik atau di dalam OR.
      ini adalah INISIATIF SENDIRI,tiada paksaan.

      *nak masuk OR jangan lupa beli baju scrub dan saya harap saya xperlu translate kelas kat mana.harap anda faham,sila tgk gambar yang saya upload.

      *anda dinasihatkan supaya datang awal sebab kelas untuk kedua2 GROUP bukannya dalam bangunan yang sama.

      *kelas dekat HOSPITAL GAMAAH.landmark ade jejantas yang menghubungkan 3bangunan iaitu bangunan HOSP TAWAREK,ENT dan GENERAL SURGERY.

      TQ :)

      Past years questions

      You are required to send in all the answers to Ridhwan Nordin ( ) before this Sunday, January 15, 2012.