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Important questions for Ophthalmology

Thanks to Kak Zaty & those that attended the revision classes by DR. Sheikh, now we've got our hands on the important topics that should be stressed on for the coming written exam. Be informed that it's said by our seniors that the questions that came from Dr. Sheikh usually will come in the exam. All the best comrades! :)

12 days before exam

6 days for1st revision
  1. lid and cornea
  2. conjunctiva and uvea
  3. lens and errors of refraction
  4. glaucoma and optics
  5. retina + orbit + trauma
  6. lacrimal + squint + others (collections)

4 days for 2nd revision

2 days for 3rd revision

last day before exam must cover all the topics
from subuh till the time of exam 1st priority QQQ

1st priority QQQ (5 out of 10Q)
  1. ptosis - causes
  2. ectropion - causes, complications, ttt esp senile
  3. entropion - causes, CP, ttt esp cicatricial
  4. blepharitis - types, sequalae/complications ulcerative, ttt
  5. trichiasis - complication, ttt

2nd priority QQ (comes in exam once,rare, 3 out of 10Q)
  1. lagophthalmos
  2. anatomy of eyelids
  3. lid edema
  4. clinical evaluation of ptosis

3rd priority Q (never come in exam, 2 out of 10Q)
  1. symblepharon
  2. congenital anomalies of eyelid
  3. chalazion

    1st priority
    1. complication of corneal perforation (ttt)
    2. ttt of corneal ulcers
    3. hypophyon ulcer/bacterial ulcer - CP (signs n symptoms),complications,ttt
    4. Herpes Simplex Keratitis - Dendritic ulcer - CP,antiviral drugs,ttt
    5. keratoconus

    2nd priority
    1. keratomalacia
    2. CP of general corneal ulcer
    3. Herpes Zoster Ophthalmicus
    4. photophthalmia

    3rd priority
    1. corneal opacities
    2. corneal vascularization

    1st priority
    1. phlyctenular conjunctivitis - CP,DD,ttt
    2. purulent with ophthalmia neonatorum
    3. diphtheritic (membranous) conjunctivitis
    4. spring catarrhal (vernal keratoconjunctivitis)
    5. trachoma - corneal manifestation,ttt

    2nd priority
    1. photophthalmia
    2. types of pannus - trachomatous,phlyctenular

    3rd priority
    -rest of the chapters

    • LENS
      1st priority
      1. congenital cataract - morphological types ***
      2. complicated cataract - causes (ocular & systemic), management

      2nd priority
      1. senile cataract - DD,types, intumescent cataract, hypermature cataract

      3rd priority
      Different () - complicated cataract vs senile cataract, nuclear cataract vs nuclear sclerosis

      1st priority
      1. acute iridocyclitis - management,ttt, all
      2. chronic iridocyclitis

      2nd priority
      1. endophthalmitis
      2. panophthalmitis

      3rd priority
      1. non suppurative choroiditis
      2. malignant  melanoma of choroid

      1st priority
      1. myopia (CP,complication,ttt)
      2. astigmatism
      3. aphakia (correction,CP,sign)

      2nd priority
      1. anisometropia=unilateral aphakia=unilateral high myopia
      2. contact lenses

      3rd priority
      1. hypermetropia
      2. presbyopia
      3. disadvantages of spectacles ms 135

      1st priority
      1. causes of 2ry glaucoma - open, closes
      2. acute congestive glaucoma - management,D, ttt
      3. ttt of POAG
      4. Buphthalmos (congenital glaucoma) - investigation,D,DD,CP

      2nd priority
      1. field changes in POAG
      2. absolute glaucoma - stages (site & sequelae)
      3. fundus changes in POAG
      DD acute red painful eye

      1. optic atrophy - causes, clinical types
      2. papillaedema - D,DD,A/e
      3. optic neuritis - toxic amblyopia,papillitis

      1st priority
      1. Central Retina Artery Occlussion (CRAO)
      2. Central Retina Vein Occlussion (CRVO)
      3. diabetic retinopathy
      4. 1ry rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment

      2nd priority
      1. hypertensive retinopathy
      2. retinitis pigmentosa

      1. endocrinal exophthalmos
      2. causes of proptosis (CTIN VEP)
      3. DD red proptotic eye = inflammatory proptosis
      4. orbital cellulitis
      5. cavernous sinus trombosis (CST)

        1st priority
        1. management of chemical burn (lime burn0
        2. effect of blunt trauma to the eye (management)
        3. effect of IOFB,sharp border object injury

        2nd priority
        1. sympathetic ophthalmitis

        3rd priority
        1. physical injuries

        1st priority
        1. dry eye D
        2. watery eye - clinical evaluation in case of epiphore
        3. infantile dacrocystitis - special management ch/acute dacrocystitis
        canaliculitis - not important, read it

        1st priority
        1. D of paralytic squint (6th nv palsy***,3rd nv palsy,4th nv palsy)
        2. concomittent squint (evaluation of case, management accomodative esotrophia)
        3. comparison () paralytic n concomittent squint

        2nd priority
        1. heterophoria

        NB: take note utk tajuk yang ada 8 point maybe akan keluar...

        alhamdulillah dah habis semua tajuk.all the best.bittawfeeq wannajah:)

      Revision Class for Clinical Ophthalmology Tests

      Revision Class for Clinical Ophthalmology Tests

      Date: 8 july 2012 (Sunday)
      Time: 9 am
      Venue: Conference Hall, Ophtalmology Hospital

      Those who interested to come please be early. We do not want another incident where the lecturer comes 10 minutes earlier than the designated time, whereas students come 15 minutes late than the designated time. Shame it is.

      Briefing on Ophthalmology exam

      Examination seminar on written, clinical and viva papers for Ophthalmology

      Date: July 5, 2012 (Thursday)
      Time: 10 am
      Venue: Conference Hall, Ophthalmology Hospital

      Analysis Ophthalmology