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UPDATE! Guidelines for Pathology Paper1

Date of update: 28.06.2010

Outcomes of discussion with HOD Prof. Dr. Azmi;

1) Format of exam will be exactly like 2010 exam, paper1 for General Pathology : (but with a lil bit of changes here and there)

- Cases (3-4)
- Definition (only 5)
- Enumerate (5)
- M/E (5)
- Give an account (5)
- Write scientific name (10)
- Tables of comparison (3-4)

The total marks will be 75 for paper1 on 30th June 2010 (Thursday)

2) Definition : will be taken from the text book.
p/s: please be sure that you study for this part by heart k.

3) Enumerate : Usually the question will ask you tu give 4points but it doesnt need to be elaborated.

4) M/E : insyaAllah, HOD promised that the will be no specific part asking for N/E (naked eye), only MICROSCOPIC PICTURE. 

But, please take note that N/E might be asked in 'cases' or 'give account' question. 
For example, pathological changes of gumma which equals to N/E & M/E. 
So, we suggest that, if you are really2 having limited time to study everything, put N/E aside or study the most important topic only for N/E. 
Just catch up with the other much more promising important parts such as compare and definiton.

5) Give an account : In case if the question ask for 'pathogenesis of.....', the possible question will only be for pathogenesis that explains certain disease not pathogenesis that explaining mechanisms or steps. 
Eg: pathogenesis of wet gangrene, pathogenesis of brown induration, etc.

For mechanism and steps, you just need to know the headline and short elaboration as it might be asked in cases part.

6) Write scientific name : Look for the keyword of every part/topic/chapter/disease/lesion that you study to answer this part very well.

7) Tables of comparison : PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, master this part very very well. Its a bonus part for us. You dont need to memorise the whole thing in the table. Choose only 5 points for you to write in the paper. 
You just have to give a SHORT ANSWER without any elaboration in each row while comparing the items. 

Eg: Compare Bilharziasis Ulcer and Gummatous Ulcer

If you choose to write N/E, your answer should only be as follows:

Row 1: edge: sharp superficial/deep deep
Row 2: margin : cyanotic nodules .....................serpigeno
Row 3: floor : granular ..............................
yellowish necrotic
Row 4: base : indurated/fibrosed............


You can choose to write these items:

Row 1: site
Row 2: M/E
Row 3: one etiology
Row 4: fate

p/s: But i guess, the first example is much more easier, kan? So take the most easiest item for you to memorize. Its a BONUS BONUS BONUS mark for us to grab.

8) Prof. Dr. Azmi did remind us to try the past year questions as well, in order to get the real idea and to be familiar with the pattern of the questions
we'll have some luck IF some of the questions happens to be taken from previous years question.

9) For NEOPLASIA : The officially deleted part as i've mentioned before, is from page206-210 (Pathogenesis of tumor) and page215 (Paraneoplastic Syndrome).
BUT Prof Dr. Azmi personally told us that you can ignore topics from page203 till end EXCEPT for:
- Neoplastic Syndrome
- Tumor Markers 

10) For the other real clues of exams, lets just hope that we'll have more luck today or the day after tomorrow.

So, ALL THE BEST TO YOU GUYS! Lets strive for the best and altogether pray for the success of each of our friends.

::pathology booklet::

PENGUMUMAN PENTING dan memerlukan respond SEGERA :
Unit Akademik PCM dengan kerjasama Mentor2 Thn3 akan mengeluarkan satu lagi Buku Kompilasi Pathology yang merangkumi kompilasi bagi 'Table of Differentiation' dan 'Sceintific Terms' bagi General dan Special Pathology.

Respond SEGERA diperlukan kerana insyaAllah mereka akan usahakan untuk membuat copy buku tersebut esok. Jadi selewat-lewatnya anda akan dapat pada hari Ahad. Harga adalah sekitar 5-10gnh.

Sila 'LIKE' di wall FB jika anda berminat. ATAU Private Msg kpd Timbalan (Najib-0119948531). Selewat-lewatnya sebelum jam 8malam hari ini 24.06.2010. Tempahan tidak boleh dibatalkan. Terima kasih.

Pathology's Finals

ANNOUNCEMENT : Next strive for PATHOLOGY. Guidelines;

According to the head of department Prof Dr Azmi:
- The exam format for paper1 (General Patho) and paper2 (Special Patho) will be exactly like the previous years. Those items are as follows:

1) 3-4 Cases
2) Define
3) Enumerate
4) M/E or N/E
5) Give an account
6) Write scientific name
7) Compare

- The possibility for repetition of certain topics from past year questions are quite high (50:50). BUT please take note that, you have to cover the topics (which had appeared before) thoroughly as the question will be asked in different form. So, revise the TOPIC not the QUESTION.

- POST MIDTERM / MCQ topics to be covered are:
* Respiratory system
* Liver 

* (24Q for 12marks), will be held at 1pm after paper2 exam.

Thats all we've got till now. Lets hope that there will be more clues soon.

NOTE: Important Q summaries that we've got from Dr.Basem, insyaAllah will be posted very soon.

credit to Nasa,Fizah and Pika for your concern to come along and help. Thank you.

parasit oral

download link sini

Pesanan Dr Atef:

1. Kalau boleh beliau nak handle sendiri semua pelajar Malaysia. Jadi dinasihatkan agar semua pelajar dapat datang tepat pada waktunya atau sebaiknya, sebelum pukul 8 pagi dah berada di tempat peperiksaan.
2. InsyaAllah soalan yang akan ditanya adalah berdasarkan yang tertera di sini, hanya perlu hafal jawapan ye. :)
3. Jadi sebaiknya agar semua dapat beri kerjasama untuk datang awal. Kalau lambat, nasib laa kalau dapat doktor lain. :D

Answers for Parasitology's MCQ book

Guidelines for drawing in 'Notes LE 21': click here.
Notes on Protozoa and Sarcocystis: click here.

Hasil rundingan Saudara Nasa bersama Dr Atef

18/6/2011 sabtu, pada pukul 1 petang bertempat di bangunan farmasi di dewan kuliah aras 1 ada perjumpaan dengan DR atef. Penting !!!!!

Perjumpaan ini hanya untuk pelajar MALAYSIA sahaja...... jgn bgtau arab ...... untuk MALAYSIA sahaja ........... DR ATEF yang pesan........... nanti dr marah kalu ajak arab sekali......

Salam, semoga rakan2 berada dlm keadaan yang dirahmati Allah S.W.T

Semalam saya dah buat perjumpaan ngan Dr Atef.......ini kandungan perbincangan:

a) Paper Written : 

i) Tidak ada cases

ii) Tidak ada compare

iii) Athropod baca yang hanya ada dlm soklan 20 genih tu SAHAJA....cth soklan :
Hymenolepis diminuta - athropod responsible for transmission ?

iv) 25 soklan dari buku 20 genih tue
5 soklan lagi mengenai protozoa.......doktor akan bagi

v) Pembetulan dan penambahan jawapan dlm soklan 20 genih seperti berikut :

a) Dipylidium caninum - Draw infective stage & describe ?
- korg lukis dulu
- jawapan utk describe dari dr atef
1) Oval in shape
2) size 0.5 mm
3) invaginated but everted
4) no tail

b) Trichinella spiralis- propagation among rodents ?
- living rat eat dead rat

c) kalu ada jawapan IFAT, CFT atau ELISA xyah tulis nama panjang kekalkan
nama pendeknya sahaja

d) kalu utk autoinfection....... xpayah jelaskan tulis sahaja autoinfection

e) Enterobius Vermicularis - what stage can be seen by make egg ? ni salah
tukar kepada...................
what stage can be seen by naked eye?

- Dagnostic material ? jawapan yang betul :
1) Stool
2) Urine
3) Perianal & perineal scrabbings

- Time of best diagnostic ?
at morning before defecation (bukan detection)

b) Oral : akan diberitahu oleh lecturer

c) MCQ : akan diberitahu oleh lecturer

Hari saya akn g jumpa Dr nisrene utk aturkan janji temu ngan dr atef....... study nota 20 genih tu betul2 sebab satu hari sebelum exam kita akan dapat soklan mcq ngan oral pulak.......kena hafal lagi.......jgn bertangguh

Yang terakhir sekali :

Rakan - rakan yang saya Allah kashi sekalian.......

Jika sebelum ini kita rajin bgn lewat mlm utk bertemu Allah ..... jgnlah kerana menumpukan kepada exam kita tinggalkan Allah di lewat mlm....

Jika sebelum ni kita rajin baca Al- Quran.......jgnlah kita tinggal kitab yang indah itu semata - mata utk tumpukan kepada exam

Jika SEBELUM ini kita TIDAK SERING mendekatkan diri kepada Allah dgn bertahajud
dan membaca Al - Quran .......... marilah kita lakukankannya demi Allah.....kerana Ilmu itu MILIK Allah......jika kita jauh dariNya.........kita juga akan jauh dari mendapatkan ILMU itu...... 

Sekadar peringatan dari hamba yang hina ini.....

latest update at 12.06 p.m.

Pharma's VIQs (Paper 2)

 درجة ممكن يكون من دول (بترتيب الأهميةl)
Antidepressant drugs
Classify opioids and mention mechanism, uses, SE, contraindications of morphine
Antiepileptic drugs (or ttt of grand-mal epilepsy)
Oral antidiabetic drugs
Insulin: Preparations, uses, SE
Antithyroid drugs
Penicillin: classification, mechanism, uses, SE
Antiamebic drugs
Antimalarial drugs
أسئلة 5 درجات:
Insulin resistance: mechanism and management
Management of hyperglycemic coma (DKA)
Management of myxedema coma
SE & contraindications of glucocorticoids
SE & contraindications of contraceptive pills
Kinetics, Mechanism & SE of thiouracil drugs
Drug interactions of oral antidiabetic drugs
Combination of antimicrobial drugs
Mechanism, uses, SE of metronidazole

:ىأسئلة ملهاش أى لازمة فى الحياة بس ممكن تيجى – نشوفها احت
Mechanism of action & Side effects of linezolide (chemoth)
Mechanism of action & Side effects of bacitracin or vancomycin (minor antibiotics)
Give an account on combination of antimicrobials (in the first 3 pages of chemo)
All “future prospects” mentioned in CNS chapters
ودى أسئلة مهمة و صعبة ياريت نتدرب عليها: :
Compare between the following:
Regular insuolin & insuolin lispro
Phenytoin & gabapentin (antiepileptics)
Glipenclamide & repaglinide (antidiabetics)
Heparin & LMWH
Chloroquine & mefloquine (antimalarials)

Sumber: Kak Siti Umairah

× - اسئله الـ respiratory

اول 3 ورقات فـ المذكره مهمين جدا .
methyl xanthine

× - اسئله الـ blood

( ) heparin & warfarin
selective fibrinolytics
oral anti coagulants

× - اسئله الـ CNS

benzodiazepem + classificaton بتاعتها مهمه
classify opioid & mention their therapeutic uses
preacusion of using anti - eplipsy
drug interaction of l - dopa & maois
( ) morphine & mepdrine

× - اسئله الـ chemotherapy

anti - pseudemonal drugs
drugs used in ttt of typhoid & para typhoid fever
( ) 1st & 2nd generation of cephalosporiens
( ) gentomycin & erythromycin

× - اسئله الـ endocrine

مهم كله

دلوقتى دى كانت اسئله الدكتور سيد , و اللى متعلم بالاحمر ده مجمع بين اسئله الدكتور سيد و الدكتور عبد المتعال
ودلوقتى بأه هاكتب
| - الاسئله الزياده فقط اللى متوقعها الدكتور عبد المتعال :

× - اسئله الـ respiratory


× - اسئله الـ blood

Hemopietic growth factors
Mechanism and side effects of heparin
Diff between heparin and LMWH
Mechanism and side effects of platelet ADP receptor blockers

× - اسئله الـ chemotherapy

Antiamebic drugs
Classify penicillins and mention mechanism of action and side effects
Side effects and interactions of all antibiotics

ini bukan soalan spot

Mechanism of action & Side effects of linezolide (chemoth)

Mechanism of action & Side effects of bacitracin or vancomycin (minor antibiotics)

Give an account on combination of antimicrobials (in the first 3 pages of chemo)

All “future prospects” mentioned in CNS chapters

ودى أسئلة مهمة و صعبة ياريت نتدرب عليها: :

Compare between the following:

Regular insuolin & insuolin lispro

Phenytoin & gabapentin (antiepileptics)

Glipenclamide & repaglinide (antidiabetics)

Heparin & LMWH

Chloroquine & mefloquine (antimalarials)